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About Us

Ever since its inception in 2004 HOI POLLOI has been working at being a platform where budding artists can be given the chance to develop and express their talent by working with theatre veterans and by performing to live audiences.

Inspired by the musical, ‘Billy Elliot’, HOI POLLOI believes that there is a lot of talent out there, sometimes in unlikely places, waiting to be discovered and nurtured. Just as Billy; the son of a widowed UK coal miner in 1985, had the potential to become an excellent ballet dancer, so do many undiscovered artists have the potential to make it in the theatre scene both locally and abroad.


HOI POLLOI wants to live up to its name and aims to:

  • to develop the potential of individuals, no matter what age or experience, to express themselves through the performing arts.
  • to encourage self-esteem, friendship and team work amongst other life skills through performing arts education and the production of high quality entertainment 
  • to contribute to the cultural demands and needs of our society. 

In order to further achieve the goals mentioned above, the HOI POLLOI ACADEMY (HPA) was officially established in August 2013.