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Our Courses

The HPA values performing arts education as this is crucial in developing life-skills in all individuals. For this reason, the school has a number of courses tailor-made for all individuals even as young as three years old. Each course keeps in mind the person’s age, attention-span and life-experience in order to ensure the best outcome.




Students at the HPA can opt for either:

GROUP LESSONS whereby they train with other individuals of similar age and capabilities and work on Group Performance and the skills that go with it. Lessons in groups are available for children as young as 3 and these allow performers to interact with other individuals of the same age and capabilities. This allows performers to develop skills such as devising in groups, improvisation and acting and reacting to other individuals leading to the creation of scene and ensemble work.

Young Performers Programme   Musical Theatre Programme   HPA DANCE


INDIVIDUAL TUITION where students have intensive one-to-one lessons with their respective tutors in preparation for performances and graded examinations by foreign boards. These qualifications are recognised by most academic institutions in Malta and worldwide.

Individual Programme