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The HPA values performance and examinations equally.

  • Examinations are there to give the student an idea of where his/her capabilities lie.
  • Performances are there for students to share the work they have done and inspire their respective audience whilst gaining confidence and experience.

For the HPA one doesn’t go without the other and the school will not allow students to sit for an exam without performing to a selected audience. The skills gained during the rehearsal period and the actual performances are priceless and are part of the education of every student at the HPA.

It is useless being able to perform in front of an examiner and not being able to handle an audience. In the same way, if one can handle an audience one should be able to handle an experienced examiner and gain the qualification he or she deserves.

The HPA prepares students for TRINITY COLLEGE EXAMINATIONS as follows:

  • Group Examinations, which are held in MAY
  • Individual Examinations, which are held in APRIL or MAY.

All successful students are awarded an official certificate from Trinity College London.