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The Academy

In order to further achieve the goals of Hoi Polloi, the HOI POLLOI ACADEMY (HPA) was officially established in September 2013. The key principles the HPA believes in are; people, relationships, skills and education, and these are at the centre of all its work.

Through the performing arts, which the school believes to be BOTH a MEANS and an END, the school works hard:

– to develop life skills (self-confidence, public speaking, teamwork amongst others) in students of all ages.

– to provide an alternative way to traditional education

– to provide high quality training in the performing arts, opening doors for students to reach the standard required to pursue further education and eventually a career in the arts.

Our priory is to create a safe, caring environment in which all students are respected and respect others whilst feel comfortable sharing their ideas and listening to those of others. Our expectations of behaviour are high and our code of conduct binds us as a whole school community.