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The priority of the HPA is to create a safe, caring environment where students can freely express themselves. This can be achieved through cooperation between students, parents and teachers.

At the HPA we focus on BOTH rights AND responsibilities. Students are respected and are expected to respect others. We want students to feel comfortable sharing their ideas however they must also learn to listen to those of others. During lessons and rehearsals, all participants need to abide by the rules established in order for the session to be BOTH productive and fun.

Bullying – physical and psychological, verbal and non-verbal – is totally unaccepted and the school has a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying.

Since we value the importance of a good theatre arts education, all lessons are carefully planned and discussed by tutors. We wish to ensure that our objectives are reached and that students are making the most out of their session. It is for this reason that the HPA emphasises the importance of regular attendance and punctuality. Team work is crucial in theatre education and every team member is crucial for the success of the work being done – absenteeism hinders this. All tutors should be notified in advance if a student is sick and unable to attend the lesson.

As a performing arts school we believe that a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone however it is ‘imperative’ for every performer, hence our healthy eating policy. No unhealthy snacks and drinks will be allowed in the building. Students should opt for healthy snacks, such as fruit, and water or sports drinks.